The Speaker's House

The Speaker’s House

Frederich Muhlenberg
Portrait of Frederick Muhlenberg from The Speaker’s House Collection.

151 W. Main Street
Built in 1763 for John and Silence Schrack, this elegant stone house was owned by Frederick and Catharine Muhlenberg from 1781 to 1791. During this time, Frederick served as a member of the Continental Congress; Speaker of the Pennsylvania Assembly; first president judge, recorder of deeds, and register of wills for Montgomery County; and first Speaker of the U.S. House. From 1791 to 1803, the house was owned by Francis and Mary (Muhlenberg) Swaine; it later served as an Ursinus dormitory, from 1924 to 1944, known as Highland Hall. Tours of The Speaker’s House are available by appointment. Open to the public

The Speaker's House
The Speaker’s House, 1925.